How to Start Offering PCA3


A Simple Process

Ordering the test from your office is simple:

  1. Fill our the requisition form
  2. Perform a DRE and obtain urine sample
  3. Ship the samples to our laboratory for analysis

The PCA3 test does not require any fasting, preparation or dietary and medication restrictions.

The patient will pay for the test at the time of the sample collection. Some private insurance companies may cover part of the cost. Patients must contact their insurance providers for this information.

Results are available 10 working days following the receipt of your sample. Dynacare Next also offers access to PCA3 results online. Contact us to setup your user account.

Patient Referral

If you cannot offer PCA3 sample collection in your office, simply give the patient a prescription for the PCA3 test and refer them to a private clinic that offers sample collection or have them contact our customer services department for an appointment.

Ordering Supplies

Whether you offer PCA3 testing in your office or not, you may use our Order Supplies form to order PCA3 brochures, posters, prescription pads, starter kits and collection kits.

Contact us to start offering PCA3 today!